Montag, 13. April 2015

Ciao città meravigliosa - HELLO MAILAND ! (:

Heyho peeps.

I hope everyone is fine. I went to the easter holidays in the Italian area. It was Milano this time. As well the weather was quite nice. I think that Milano has some really nice sights. It's worth it to go there! Milano is a city of fashion, if you want to go shopping then you should go there. It's the place for shopping. In addition i think it has a few similarities to paris, for example "the train underground stations are similar and some other things. I really loved some sights. All in all i had a lot of fun and i would go there again and again, even if it is a bit far from Hamburg. :'-)

I will list some beautiful sights, what you should see if you go there sometime. (:

1) The Duomo - The Cathedral of Milano
2) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - " a great architecture and for brand shopping!
3) Castell Sforzeesco 
4) Pinacoteca di brera
5) Brera - " nice restaurants and shops 
6) La Rinascente - only for shopping