Samstag, 26. April 2014

Munich 14

let's smile!

a late afternoon shooting with some of white and red balloons. It was fun to make the photos  i'm still in love with the nice quiet location and the beautiful air atmosphere. 

Green and Stripes

since i had bought this green blazer from my Holiday in Indonesia. I was interested to which top i can combine it well? i've been looking for a top in Monki and found this striped Shirt, but i wouldn't have thought that it would fit on my green Blazer. So, i tried it, and guess what? I liked it so much that i wear that Outfit with black leggings that i bought in H&M and wear my black Boots to it. On a nice day, where the sun doesn't shine,you can also wear this Outfit well. It looks simple but i think it has something colourful, because the Blazer has a bright shining colourful that gives the Outfit an eye catcher to people.