Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Beautiful weather, why not?

It was finally a nice weather, and why you should not shoot photos on a beautiful weather? That was exactly in my mind on Sunday! so i decided to ride bicycle with a good friend and then do a little photo shoot.We were looking for a nice quiet location from where we could take the pictures and chose as a place "HafenCity" in Hamburg. I had the idea to take my long skirt for my outfit, because the weather was perfect for it. My skirt was a bit transparent, that's why I've worn a zebra leggings.It was really fun to shoot the photos, because it was very windy and my hair is always flown haha, but at last i was very satisfied with the photos. 

wear a blue shirt with dots on it, plus a chain and a light brown skirt,
including a zebra  leggings and black ballerina shoes.
And of course also my favorite hat :D

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