Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

What's my favorite things this week?

 Hey people! 
Thursday is coming soon.... 
Just 2 Days and then it's Weekend yeah!

Outfit of the Weekend"-

Hey everyone!

The Week started quite well. I shoot a few photos weeks before. At first, i bought a new coat and thought to write a short posts about my last "Outfit of the weekend“. I will show you how i have combined my Outfit. I’m really obsessed with Coat’s. I bought mine in Mango.  It’s just perfect.I decided to bought a black coat because i can usually wear it to any outfit or scarf and it looks good and elegant.

I hope you like it! (:

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

My December Trip - (:

   Bonjour Paris!
Je suis dans la ville de l'amour. 

Paris was a nice experience. As I've already written in my last "dear december" post, I flew to Paris in the end of december. I've seen a lot of paris and it was quite cool to be there. We visit a best friend of us and it was really good

let it snow!

Snow Snow Snow.  
let's build the snowman! 

Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Dear December!

After all the stress from october until november, i was really relieved to get my head free from all the things. Believe me, it was really strenuous months and it went up and down. When it was finally December, i was just waiting for the holiday I've planned. I haven't unfortunately posted for a long time on my blog, because I didn't had the time again and again. I still wonder that my last post was in August :)) I have decided this year 2015 to write more on this blog. I hope you all had a nice last December of the month before the new year 2015 begins. I wish you all a wonderful happy new year! I hope we will all collect many new memories and have much success in this year 2015.                                                 
                                                    Welcome January. Let me be happy! 

I was in Frankfurt on the other side from where i live here in Germany haha, but i'm always fall in love with the city  if i'm there. After Mallorca in last summer i've planned December 2014 to fly to Paris and visit a best lovely friend who move from Germany to paris after his graduating :'( it was really sad for me that he move to paris. So i decided to visit him finally. 

a little meeting with my loves before i have been in frankfurt. 
It was nice with them like always.