Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

My December Trip - (:

   Bonjour Paris!
Je suis dans la ville de l'amour. 

Paris was a nice experience. As I've already written in my last "dear december" post, I flew to Paris in the end of december. I've seen a lot of paris and it was quite cool to be there. We visit a best friend of us and it was really good
to see him again. We missed him a lot. He's really a heartful and a lovely person and we was so glad to see him again :) At first i had a good impression of Paris but a few things was really very expensive than here in Germany haha. ((:

                                         first. - after arrived from Airport 

Second. - "Bonjour dear City.

next station. - "Hellow Louvre!

"Welcome. - to Galeries Lafayette 

"Salut. - La Tour Eiffel! 

"We was in love how creative they are with chocolate and sweets- :O

"It was a nice Sunday in paris, we try a few foods and Coffe's-

"It was nice there and we really enjoyed everything!  

"So, what have you done for an experience in Paris? -

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