Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

- Automatic Hair Curler.- (:

Brand of the Curler: Corioliss automatic Curler
What for a girl doesn't even like to have curly hair for some days, right?
I love curly hair!!! but i have very smooth hair like many other girls out there :D
I'm very happy with it, but sometimes i love to curl my hair. I bought last year on October a curling iron, but a curling iron that rolling the hair alone upwards. It is the automatic hair curler. We have that also in Germany but i don't like it! so i ordered mine from Urban Outfitters but  the Edition wasn't available here in Germany only in London.I recommend to you to buy this automatic curling iron. It makes it easier to curl your Hair and it is faster, most if you invited somewhere and are under the time then you can still curl your hair without problems and the curls are still beautiful.

A big Thanks for my Cousin who has modeled for this post! <3
"What do you have for a curling iron?"-

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