Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

T-u-m-b-l-r lovers.

Morning peeps. 

As you can see i don't post every time something, cause sometimes i don't find the time to write something in my blog :'( but I'm trying my best to post as much as possible, so that the blog is active haha. In addition, it makes me even more fun to write in my blog and post pictures of what i want to show you all.By the way, i also have a Tumblr blog and i post

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

favorites "iphone pictures"

MY TOP 10 favorite self-made pictures of my iphone
- i love the quality of the camera 
aaamaziiing <3

Architecture City - WAZZAP Rotterdam !

Rotterdam was such a beautiful modern City.
I was so in love and impressed with their High Buildings. The Architecture are so amazing. Really, i recommended to you all to go there sometime, because it's worth it. I was there because, i  was very curious about how the city is. They have a very nice architecture and it's interesting to see how a few buildings are constructed. Just breathtakingly beautiful. 

A few recommendations: 

- "Erasmusbrücke" - amazing bridge!
- "Hotel New York" - It's a famous hotel 
- Museumpark - beautiful park with some beautiful flowers 
- Delftse Poort (Hotel and high buildings) and Kubus  - a very interesting and great architecture! 
- The Markthall - Omg i was impressed of what it looked like inside <3 
- City Center - Shopping time! 
- Rotterdam Central - It's the train station, very cool architecture. 

"hallo mooie stad - Amsterdam"

Heey peeps.

I was in Amsterdam last week and it was very nice there :) I had a lot of fun and i collected some experience, because a few things were really disastrous. First, I'll give you a few recommendations of amsterdam.

Here all the Sights, where you should go if you are there:

1) "Jordaan" - It's beautiful!
2) "Vondelpark - amazing park for chillin
3) "madame tussaud - you have to go there, they have really many wax figures of many artists.
4) "Singel
5) "Eye Film instituut Nederland - amazing architecture.
6) "Pancake Amsterdam - delicious food there, i'm still in love with their pancakes :'(
7) "museum -  van gogh - very cool!
8) "The Famous "Keukenhof" - soooo beautiful flowers!!!!

So first, to go by car to Amsterdam is fine but in the city center you can no longer driving with the car because it's too crowded. I noticed that many people in Amsterdam like to ride a bike instead of driving ;D VERY GOOD! Tickets for the train are not expensive, which is great, but peeps .... Parking is very expensive in Amsterdam -.-' That's why I recommend not to park in the city  and rather outside the city center, because it's cheaper.

All in all i like the city. It was kind of interesting there (: