Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

T-u-m-b-l-r lovers.

Morning peeps. 

As you can see i don't post every time something, cause sometimes i don't find the time to write something in my blog :'( but I'm trying my best to post as much as possible, so that the blog is active haha. In addition, it makes me even more fun to write in my blog and post pictures of what i want to show you all.By the way, i also have a Tumblr blog and i post

almost every day something. It's like a "all-day" blog haha but it's mostly iphone pictures, because i love namely to shoot pictures with the iphone camera. the camera is so amazing. 

This my Tumblr Blog link: 

have a nice weekend, and for those who have holidays enjoy it! 

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