Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

"hallo mooie stad - Amsterdam"

Heey peeps.

I was in Amsterdam last week and it was very nice there :) I had a lot of fun and i collected some experience, because a few things were really disastrous. First, I'll give you a few recommendations of amsterdam.

Here all the Sights, where you should go if you are there:

1) "Jordaan" - It's beautiful!
2) "Vondelpark - amazing park for chillin
3) "madame tussaud - you have to go there, they have really many wax figures of many artists.
4) "Singel
5) "Eye Film instituut Nederland - amazing architecture.
6) "Pancake Amsterdam - delicious food there, i'm still in love with their pancakes :'(
7) "museum -  van gogh - very cool!
8) "The Famous "Keukenhof" - soooo beautiful flowers!!!!

So first, to go by car to Amsterdam is fine but in the city center you can no longer driving with the car because it's too crowded. I noticed that many people in Amsterdam like to ride a bike instead of driving ;D VERY GOOD! Tickets for the train are not expensive, which is great, but peeps .... Parking is very expensive in Amsterdam -.-' That's why I recommend not to park in the city  and rather outside the city center, because it's cheaper.

All in all i like the city. It was kind of interesting there (:


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