Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Hello dear "Düsseldorf".

Hello peeps. 
I was away for a short time. I had finally the time to write something again on my blog.
Really, i am glad to be able to write here again. I miss it any time.

So, not much exciting happened the last time. I had birthday and it was very awesome and great to have my friends around me, and to see them again. I had also a lot of stress last time, but I could overcome it well, fortunately! what are you doing whenever you have stress?  I'm a person, if i have stress i'm listening always to my favorite music and like it to draw. It calms me down, then i'm getting a facial mask at night and then only hear music and relax. This is really a great help cause you are only focused on yourself and no one bothers you.

So in this post i will write about the beautiful city "Düsseldorf". It is a city here in Germany. I was there. I must say I'm impressed. I am enthusiastic about a few architectures and of little Tokyo, cause they have a quarter that called "Little Tokyo"  and there are the most japanese people and also many Japanese restaurant and supermarket. Incredibly cool! It was surprised to be there. I was in a Japanese coffee which was called "TenTen". I've tried the Matcha Green Tea Latte. 
Matcha is green tea which is very famous and popular in Japan. They have Matcha ice cream, Matcha bubble tea and Matcha biscuits. I recommend all of you to go there. A beautiful city! and please try the Matcha green tea latte, cause i'm still in love with this incredible drink.

I will list you on what attractions you need to go absolutely when you are in Düsseldorf.
1) Rheinturm - You can watch the beautiful view of the whole city of düsseldorf from top. It's breathtaking at night. 2) Neuer Zollhof - incredible buildings and architecture. 
3) Rheinpromenade and Rheinufer - Beautiful view of the whole shore of Düsseldorf and a bridge where you can walk along.It's so awesome .
4) Königsalle - great for shopping! 
5) Little Tokyo - You will love it. All the Japanese Restaurants, Coffee and Shops. 
6) Schloss Benerath - a beautiful old castle. 

Japanese Stuff :D

Little Tokyo: 
matcha green tea latte and matcha bubble tea :D 
matcha ice cream with pancakes 
Have a great Weekend everyone! 

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