Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

My short trip to Strasbourg.

I know france and of course the great capital "Paris",  but this
time I was on a different side of France.  It was "Strasbourg". A truly beautiful city! (: I never thought that I would eventually go once there haha. Unfortunately i couldn't be there so long, and i only took quickly a few hours to take a look at the city and to buy souvenirs.  I'm honest, I want to go there again, and maybe this summer in August. It's funny that a distinction was made between France and Germany on the border of the bridge, of course you can see it only if you take the car.  I was really surprised because before that, every advertising/sign was just in german language and then if you drive over the bridge, everything was only in French. It was only "Bonjour" and no more "Hallo guten Tag". Unfortunately I couldn't see all the sights, but I was in the town and there was a lot going on. Everyone have spoken only French. Yea I'm learning French in school, but I'm not the best in it haha :P So I've i tried at least to bring out something from my school knowledge hahaha... hemm and it worked a few times :D I have bought a few souvenirs, so I can always remember this city. My favorite Souvenir was the beautiful "golden coin. I really love it and i have it always with me. For those who were not yet in Strasbourg, must necessarily go there, it's Worth it and please don't forget to try the different macarons (:

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