Sonntag, 24. August 2014


first, i'm back!!!!!! 
unfortunately I couldn't post something for 1 month on my blog :( because i didn't have the time. I had 6 week vacation, and i flew to Mallorca to enjoyed the summer. It was so amazing there!!!! and for the next weeks and months i will try to post a few things about my holidays and of course also about other stuff.  Honestly, I have missed to blogging, but I didn't have the time because I was always somewhere. 

So, during the holidays I met with my cousin and her best friend. She had bought a new make-up palette of the brand "Naked". I wanted to try how good is the eyeshadow of the palette. So they have made ​​up myself. I must say that the makeup keeps really well on the eyes. I know a few make-up palettes, where the make-up immediately go away after 3 hours, and the color is no longer intense. In addition, the colors of the "Naked" palette are lovely and very natural and you can use it well for everyday. It's not a big palette with many different colours, but I find this palette you can always take it with you, if you go outside. When we finished up with the makeup, i was very impressed. I liked it very much, and the colors were great. I thank again the best friend of my cousin. She really can make-up well. So, I recommend the "Naked" palette to everybody that has not yet. The colors are really nice and natural and also very easy to take the palette anywhere. In addition, the make-up lasts a long time. I would use this palette again and again. 

with my two loves <3 

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