Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

What's on my Spotify top ten songs list?

Hello peeps.
It's Saturday Morning and the sun is not shining, unfortunately :'(
but let's have a good day anyhow! :)

What do you think about music??? I'm a music freak. No matter where i am, i'm listening to music.
In this posts i will list you a few favorite songs of my Spotify list.  I'm really obsessed with Spotify. I believe everybody knows the incredible music player.

So, i will list you my ten favorite songs at this moment. I think some of the songs you will also know.

1) "Shades of Grey" - Delilah  "great song, it's my current favorite song.
2) "Haunted" - Beyonce "because of the shades of grey movie haha."
3) "Ayo" - Chris brown "just love it"
4) "Thinking out Loud" - Ed Sheeran "i'm so in love with this song"
5) "Salted Wound" - Sia
6) "You don't really know" - Jessie J "nice song"
7) "Marry Me" Spotify version" - Jason derulo  "such a beautiful song"
8) "Pompeii" - Bastille "cool song"
9) "I'm not the only one" - Sam smith "romantic song"
10) "Love me like you do" - Ellie Goulding

have a great weekend everybody. <3

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