Sonntag, 22. März 2015

My trip to "Budapest" (:

hello peeps...
it was a long time ago that i write here again...
I did  a lot last time of what I'm going to post here.
cause i'm happy to share my experiences with you.
It was vacation again and this time I flew to Budapest. I have chosen this country because I was very interested of all the sights.  The first reason was, many people said that Budapest is a beautiful country. The second reason, finally "no Euro" - another currency yeah :P that was very intresting anyway! The third reason, I  want to see all the architecture, because the buildings are very ancient and very cool and the fourth reason what happened there in the past? and what are the historical backgrounds?. Ultimately, it was a great decision to fly there. This country is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm impressed by the country. I've done a lot there. I visit all the sights there. I tried Hungarian food. I looked the Night view. I have shopped. There was just a lot to do. (: I recommend all of you to fly there! it's worth it. 

I will list you what sight you have to see when you are there.

1) Heroe's square - such a interesting place!
2) Budacastle - a nice view of the "Pest" side 
3) The Chain bridge - I still in love with this bridge <3
4) Zitadelle - There's the Statue of liberty and you will love the awesome view 
5) The New York Coffee - It's a famous Coffee in Budapest! you have to be there :D
6) Fashion Street - if you want go shopping
7) you have to take a walk in the night! the view is too beautiful!
8) The Famous Cake Shop 

much love <3 

Heroe's Square 
The view of the Budacastle!

The Chain Bridge (:

The beautiful view of Zitadelle

a little selfie :P
Statue of liberty in Budapest 
The Cake Shop in Budapest 
i love the design of this cake!
The four season hotel!
"Bye bye Budapest" <3 it was a nice experience to be there!

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