Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

My Favorite Coffee" (:

I love to hang out in some Coffee's with friends or alone, because it's funny to talk while
drinking coffee :)  But what's your favorite Coffee Shop? I have some favorites. 

I will list some:

Double Coffee - i love the Hazelnut Latte Macchiato and the price is awesome! 
Balzac Coffee - please try the Hot Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut Macchiato or Mango Smoothie. It's fantastic

Starbucks - I love the interior decoration of some Starbucks Coffee's and my favorite drink is "Caramel Cream Macchiato. It's a really delicious drink. i love it!
Campus Suite - If you live in Hamburg Germany then please go to the campus suite in Hafencity. It's a nice place and a has a beautiful interior design.
Twenty five Hours - It has a really creative interior decoration. A nice location to hang out with friends. 
My first favorite Coffee is  Balzac because the price is good, it's not too expensive and i love the interior design. They have good Coffee's and fruit drinks. 
My Second favorite Coffee is Double Coffee. The Price is amazing and as well they have price specials like buy 2 Coffee's then it will be cheaper. (:


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